If you would like to find out how to:

  • optimise the cost of hiring employees
  • deal with temporary increases in orders
  • find sought-after specialists
  • eliminate the costs of employee searches in the press and on the internet.

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Work & People
is a company specialising in selection and recruitment for Polish workers seeking to travel and work in other nations of the European Union.


We have performed services based on the foundations of a rich potential employee base, proven recruitment procedures and a comprehensive program of trainings.


We are able to complete any assignment no matter how out of the ordinary, and offer you an optimum solution suited to your needs.


We recruit personnel for all positions. Our database includes candidates ranging from the most sought-after specialisations, to experts with non-typical certifications, to welders, drivers, engineers and managers. Polish workers are solid, well educated and execute their responsibilities in a professional manner.


We recommend our services and we are encouraging for the cooperation with our company.